Peer’s Comment on Emilea

Hi Emilea,
After reading your blog post on Marvin Gaye, I agree with you that he really did come a long way to release this album. The one point that you missed out was that, he was at his lowest in his music career. He wanted to do something he like, which is jazz and people just don’t buy it. When he got to know about What’s Going On, he really like it, and at the same time, know about terrible wars experiences from his younger brother, and lots of social issues, he so confident to do the song to change the world.
I am with you when you say that nowadays lyrics are all about being the best, sex, popularity, and money. They just give a wrong image or makes no sense about it. Songs like What’s Going On, help people to realize whats actually happening to the world and inspire people to think about whats happening around them and make a change.


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