David Guetta


This week assignment is on electronic music, and I chosen David Guetta. I do not have much exposure to electronic music. However, David Guetta Titanium featuring Sia was a big hit everywhere in the world and lots of people trying to cover that song is all different ways.

David Guetta, born in France, a DJ and producer for lots of big artist like Black Eye Peas, Akon, Chris Willis, and many more. He started his career as a DJ, around club in France. He was the first person that brought house music (Dance Music) into europe and fusing his electronic style into it. In 1987, when he heard a Farley Jackmaster Funk track on French radio, he was so fascinated with it, he taped the track down, and used it during one of his shows. That is when he started to be recognised. Soon he met Robert Owens, Chicago based house legend. He show some of his work to him, thats when Guetta had his first collaboration with a big artist. Soon people notice his talent and wants to work with him or even having him to produce their songs.

David Guetta electronic music have influence so many people all around the world. He re-introduce this genre of music to everyone, let them know that electronic music is not mechanical and can be very lyrical and emotional. If you have listen to his works before, most of them can be rearrange to an acoustic cover or orchestra arrangement. He actually puts lots of musical thought like chord progression, beats and other musical ideas into every of his songs. If you notice, he is one of the few DJs that is able to release his own album as a DJ and not singer or artist. Most of his songs he have different artist come in to sing for him. Being a top DJ and producer, he is willing to share everything he knows and learn from people too. He like to find talents that are not famous to work with them. The reason behind is because, he feel that good talent should be promoted, and able to discover new things through them.

David Guetta has so many characteristics in him and his music. One of the main ones is when he work with an artist in producing their songs. He always try to make the artist feel a little uneasy or unsafe in the studio. He believe that having them feel unsafe or un prepare, it give them a little more space for them to experiment with new things. Making the artist themselves realize what they can do and allowing himself as a producer to learn new things from them too.

Another characteristic of his is, being very relax and carefree attitude. He feel honor if people learn his style of music and use it in their own. He believes that because he inspired them and that is why they learn from him. He believe in sharing and learning from everyone. To him, a good vibe like positive energy, relax state can bring out the goods things in you and your music. In live concerts and shows, he likes to prepare his tracks, but not pre mixing it. He wants to feel the energy from the crowd and mix and change track according to the audience reaction.

As a listener, I really like his music. His electronic works is so simple but complex in the some ways. He do not just create nice beats and chords and mix them around, but actually thinking how this musical ideas and influence the listeners feeling.

As a professional, I impress with his passion and love in not only promoting electronic music, but discovering new talents and help them with their music. He is famous and at the top of the entertainment industry, but he is so humble and willing to share and help anyone. Lastly not forgetting your roots.

For those who have not heard of his works, you should. I will recommend Titanium, Getting over and When Loves takes Over for a start.


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3 Responses to David Guetta

  1. kdavidson18 says:

    I thought this was really interesting! I learned a lot of things about David Guetta that I didn’t know. I found it interesting that he tries to make his artists uncomfortable in order to bring out their best. He also sounds like a cool in general just because he’s relaxed and that he’s appreciative of those that have learned from him!

  2. fdechellis29 says:

    I Like the direction you went with this but in my opinion david guetta isn’t a dj in my eyes every mix he makes is pre made but as a producer he is amazing. He deserves all the credit he gets. I def agree he puts a lot of thought into his chord progressions and think they are so original and help set him apart

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